Ease of FX execution – even in exotic currencies

Foreign Currency Exchange

For foreign transactions, we offer a full range of services tailored to the needs of our clients, from straightforward currency spot and forward transactions to risk management solutions. Whether over the phone or via our email trading service, it is easy and straightforward to execute your foreign currency exchange needs. For instance, you will enjoy being able to make same day trades, something retail banks no longer facilitate. You also receive in-depth market access when it comes to the more exotic currencies and solutions.

Foreign Exchange Risk Management: why consider FX risk management for your clients?

We all know that exchange rates can be volatile and if they move in an unfavorable manner, they can have a negative impact on the finances of the operations of your company, the cost of imports and the value gained from exporting goods and services. This can result in adverse effects on profitability and cash flow.

Our knowledge can help you to:

  • Fix an exchange rate in advance to ensure future income and costs in your base currency.
  • Make financial forecasts with more confidence because of the known future exchange rate.
  • Manage your cash flow more effectively.

The trading desk can help you manage the foreign exchange risk you may be facing allowing you to do what you do best – running the company.

Foreign Currency Exchange