General Investment Services
Amicorp Bank and Trust offers our clients secured cards which offer our corporate users safe and secure transactions and easy access to money via ATM withdrawals, point of sale purchases and internet transactions.

Both the logistics sector and the corporate payroll function in developing economies have shown significant usage of our secured credit cards. Within the logistics sector a company has many different kinds of employees, such as drivers or sales people, who may need funds available for their expenses or emergencies. At a later date the company can trace their employees’ expenditures. This increases corporate efficiencies as the company does not need to advance funds for its employees, and there is the safety component in that employees do not have to carry around sums of cash. A company can top up any particular credit card depending on the situation.

For payroll requirements we offer debit cards in developing countries where we see a growing credit card market. The debit card circumvents the high-cost banking infrastructure and is increasingly accepted as merchants move away from cash. A corporate user may issue as many credit cards as they require.

Our secured credit cards have been equally appealing to our high net worth clients as well as the sports / football club sector.

Here are some important features about our card based solution:

  • Uses top-up technology – client is in control of their money; can be topped up whenever needed – 24 hours a day;
  • Card is worthless until funds are placed or withdrawn from the card through clients secure portal;
  • Employee receives a text message with every top-up;
  • Money is available on the card within minutes;
  • No pre-set amount for any card;
  • Employee only has the money required, when needed;
  • Clear and detailed expenditure reporting;
  • Multiple card management with single portal access;
  • Works at all point-of-sale and global ATM’s;
  • Highest state of the art encryption on chip-based card technology.