One organization ensures one-stop shopping and unified solutions.

Amicorp Bank and Trust is entitled to offer trust administration services that will be managed by Amicorp Trust Services unit. The license also enables ABT to act as trustee for offshore Barbados Trusts. Through its network of international offices, Amicorp is able to provide corporates and high net-worth individuals with the establishment and administration of trusts in a number of onshore jurisdictions and international financial centers, including Barbados, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. We are also able to offer Swiss Trustee Services utilizing the appropriate trust jurisdiction’s law.

Each jurisdiction offers its own unique advantages, but the choice of jurisdiction will depend on the individual client’s circumstances, while trusts for commercial purposes will usually be driven by tax considerations such as treaty networks.

All client services are provided by one organization ensuring quick and efficient one-stop shopping. We can therefore offer cohesive, unified solutions with a clear understanding of the financial services required. We can facilitate the process of incorporating a company, or establishing a trust, partnership or foundation.

Trustee Services