Trading Service
The trading desk at Amicorp Bank and Trust can offer you fast and reliable execution in foreign exchange and securities trading in all free tradable currencies and securities. The team brings with it extensive experience in trading in foreign exchange, equities and bonds at leading banks in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

What can be achieved for our clients?

With volatile financial markets clients are looking for stability and safety. Here ABT provides solutions for clients who are looking for a pick-up in yield and would like to earn interest on their longer term cash holdings. Clients who are active in the commodity markets through their trading operations, might be willing to hedge their exposure by engaging in risk management strategies on the underlying commodity. Other clients might need a bond portfolio as collateral for financing, or would like to make investments in securities through their ABT account for their portfolio/risk management and diversification reasons.

At Amicorp Bank and Trust we can provide you with excellent execution as well as a state of the art in-house banking platform which allows you to provide fast account opening, and quick turnaround times on payments, foreign exchange, security trading and the issuance of debit cards.