Our Services

Service from within one organization, with less bureaucracy and less paperwork

  • Fast bank account opening
  • Provides escrow and custody services
  • VISA secured credit/debit card facilities
  • No second round of compliance / know your client
  • Knowledgeable banking services for companies, partnerships and trusts
  • Clear and competitive fees
  • Secure top of the line banking system with worldwide 24/7 accessibility
  • Member of Swift network
  • Gives execution capability to non-typical transactions
  • Flexibility, privacy and confidentiality
  • Speed – with same day wire transfer capability
  • Wide range of investment products from specialized investment banks
  • Banking services including fiduciary and company administration services for setting up companies, partnerships and trusts

Notice to existing and prospective customers of Amicorp Group: Amicorp Group is an independent global service provider of a broad range of assurance, administrative, legal, corporate secretarial and support services as specified in the Service Agreement applicable to the specific legal entity or legal arrangement managed or domiciled by the relevant entity of Amicorp Group for the client. Amicorp provides these services in accordance with the terms and conditions as specified in the Service Agreement and the Terms of Business of Amicorp Group. Amicorp manages the business, legal, corporate, fiduciary, administrative and tax affairs of the client’s legal entity or legal arrangement at all times in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, decrees and guidelines issued by the legislative authorities/bodies and regulators of financial, fiduciary or corporate services in the relevant jurisdictions. Certain services described in general on the websites www.amicorp.com and www.amicorpbank.com cannot and will not be provided, offered, solicited or advertised to the public in jurisdictions where it is not allowed to provide, offer, solicit or advertise these specific services without the required licence under local legislation or regulations. This applies in particular to banking business, the business of taking deposits from the public and insurance business.